How to Use uTorrent: All Questions Answered


Torrenting provides the possibility to download massive files, like operating systems or films, quickly. Getting the torrent files onto your device requires the use of a torrenting site or app.

uTorrent is one of the more popular torrenting apps available. Gain every bit of knowledge you might need from this guide on how to use uTorrent.

Isn’t torrenting illegal?

The first thing many people think of when they hear the word “torrent” is illegal downloads. Clear that thought if it has popped into your head.

There is nothing inherently illegal about torrenting and everything about uTorrent itself is legal. It is the portal that allows you to download files and nothing more.

However, there are plenty of torrent files available that are illegal and should not be downloaded. These typically consist of popular TV programs, movies, games, and full music albums.

It is in your best interest to avoid downloading illegal content. In addition to the fact that it is theft, a lot of these files are corrupt and contain malware and viruses.

Now that all that negativity is out of the way, let’s look at what torrenting is and how to use uTorrent in this step-by-step guide.

What is torrenting?

Torrenting allows for the download of massive files without burdening one source. Bits of the content are taken from many origins, lessening the load while allowing for a complete download.

Software like uTorrent allows access and completes the downloading process. Torrenting is very communal as those downloading files are often also used as a source for someone else torrenting. As one site is not the sole source for every part of the overall content, download speeds are drastically improved.

The step-by-step guide on how to download and use uTorrent

Step one: download uTorrent

Using uTorrent starts with getting it onto your device. Downloading the program is easy. Visit the website and download the executable file to your computer.

There are free and paid options available from the site. The paid version offers benefits like viewing media as it downloads, ad-free use, and automatic file conversion. If none of these add-ons sound appealing, the free version works just fine.

Step two: install uTorrent

Open the .exe file to begin setting up the app on your device. The setup process is quite self-explanatory, but there are a couple of things to note along the way.

  • Pay attention at the configuration screen. Ensure the firewall option is checked and decide whether you want uTorrent to open with Windows startup.
  • The installer has adware along the way so be sure to “Decline” as the ads pop up unless you want to install the other software options that are offered.

Step three: locate a source

Remember, uTorrent does not contain content. It is simply the pathway to retrieve and download the media files. Thus, you must find a source.

There is plenty of variety available amongst legal options. The Internet Archive is a great example of a source that houses millions of free shows, movies, and books all available for download.

There are many torrent sites and plenty that are legit. Once you have found one that has the item you are looking for, use the option to retrieve the torrent (it varies from site to site, but think “Retrieve Torrent” or something like that).

Once the torrent is quickly downloaded, click it to open it with uTorrent.

Step four: choose and download your files

All the files attached to a torrent are not necessarily required. In most cases, you would download them all, but if something looks particularly unusual, you can deselect it from the group to download.

Before you begin to download, you will be presented with some options. You can choose which folder to send the file to, assign it a label, and view certain stats about the file like how much space it will consume on your drive.

After the process is complete, the file will be available in the folder you’ve selected before starting the download. You may now open the file to consume it as you would any other new media file.

5 important things you should know about uTorrent and torrenting

Programs like uTorrent make downloading torrents extremely simple. There are some nuances involved that anyone entering the torrent community should know. Here are the five things you should know if you want to look like you know what you are doing.

  • Be a good neighbor – share

As we know, torrenting works by downloading pieces of media files from many other users. Through a process called seeding, any torrent files you have downloaded will be made available to others.

You can participate in seeding by simply leaving the torrent running. Once you feel you have done enough to fulfill your communal obligations, select “remove and delete .torrent” to get rid of it.

You can view the content while seeding, so be kind and share. Without others doing the same, the entire system would not work.

Looking at how many others are seeding a file before downloading it can give you an indication of how quickly it will finish. The higher the number of seeders, the faster your download will be.

  • You can browse and download simultaneously

It is a common misconception that you must start a download and walk away until it is finished. uTorrent allows you to adjust the upload and download rates, opening bandwidth for other uses like web browsing.

Double-click the torrent to open the options screen. From there, you can adjust the speed to your preferences.

  • Organize your downloads

If you have decided to download multiple movies but you are super excited about one, you can prioritize it to download first. On the main uTorrent screen, choose the one to prioritize and click the up arrow until it is in the first position. Then you can start watching as others continue downloading.

Alternately, if the downloads are painstakingly slow, you can pause others while one finishes. This will often get things moving.

  • Magnet links are similar to torrents

While searching for torrents, you will undoubtedly come across magnet links. These are quite like torrents but will automatically begin downloading the media as soon as you click the link. This simplifies the process, eliminating the download of the .torrent file.

  • Consider hard wiring to your internet

In the age of Wi-Fi, many people do not even consider running a wire directly to their router. If you are a frequent downloader or uploader of torrents, you might consider this option.

Those who use Ethernet connections rather than Wi-Fi, often experience faster downloads overall.

Last words

Downloading free media or programs is a great way to see and experience things you may not have got to otherwise. Be mindful of what you are downloading and avoid sites that offer things that clearly should not be free.

With a little care, torrenting is a completely legal and safe way to explore and enjoy many types of digital content. Also, here’s a list of torrent-friendly VPNs if you care about secure connection while torrenting.

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