How and Why You Should Use NordVPN with Reddit


It’s no wonder Reddit is known as “the front page of the internet,” with more than 330 million users browsing the online news aggregation site. But most people don’t think to use this popular website with a VPN. The aim of this article is to explain why NordVPN and Reddit should go hand in hand.

However, this following part is for those who haven’t fallen down the magical rabbit hole full of wonder that is Reddit, yet:

What is Reddit, exactly?

Reddit was founded 13 years ago but only grew into its immense popularity in more recent years. The website allows anyone to sign up and start creating image, video, link, or text posts.

These posts get submitted to user-created boards (called subreddits) where others can vote on them. Posts that get higher votes are more likely to be seen by others when visiting the subreddit or the Reddit front page. Reddit also acts as a forum because people can then discuss and share these posts with others.

Now that everyone’s all caught up on what Reddit is let’s get on to the reason for this article. Outlined below are the arguments why Reddit should be used with a VPN, as well as why NordVPN is the best VPN to use for browsing Reddit.

VPNs explained

Before getting into the nitty gritty of everything, it might be prudent to know what a VPN is. This will help with understanding why it’s a good idea to use a VPN while browsing Reddit.

A virtual private network (VPN) helps to keep users anonymous and secure while they’re surfing the web. It protects the data that’s going from one point to another and helps to make sure others don’t get access to it. Online privacy is a big deal, and without a VPN, a person’s data is much more vulnerable to various privacy violations. So, essentially, viruses and being stolen.

How do VPNs manage to ensure anonymity?

A user who connects to a VPN will connect to one of their servers before accessing a website, like Reddit. This server then encrypts the user’s data and masks their real IP by replacing it with the VPN server’s IP. It’s therefore essential that a VPN has a strong encryption method and lots of servers spread throughout various regions.

Why it’s important to use a VPN while browsing Reddit

While it may not seem apparent, at first, it is actually to anyone’s benefit if they use a VPN with Reddit.

Here are the top 3 reasons to use a VPN for Reddit:

To stay safe

VPNs encrypt data, meaning that a person is safe from being tracked by their ISP or government. This can be important for anyone who wants to speak their mind.

Reddit is a platform where many different types of discussions take place, and no one wants the police banging on their door because they revealed secrets on the internet.

The plus side here is that a VPN also keeps all of a person’s other online activities safe from being monitored or tracked by cyber attackers, including online purchases and banking.

To stay anonymous

Reddit can be a great place to chat and connect with other people over various topics. But, even with moderators working as hard as they do, some subreddit discussions can become hostile. Even to the point where people start attacking each other personally.

The internet can be harsh sometimes, and no one wants to be harassed or the victim of cyberbullying. A VPN helps disguise a person by giving them a fake IP address. NordVPN uses shared IP addresses which mean it’s almost impossible to be tracked. That’s because when a shared IP address is used, an attacker can’t pinpoint who used that IP address.

To get access to Reddit

Now, anyone can already get access to Reddit. But sometimes a country will block certain websites, which can include this social media app. Especially countries like China, that are known for banning social media sites and forums.

The top 4 reasons why NordVPN is the best VPN for Reddit

There are many important aspects to look out for whenever deciding on a VPN. Luckily, some of NordVPN’s great features are listed below, so it shouldn’t be a long search. All of these advantages and more make NordVPN a Reddit user’s best friend when browsing through subreddits.

A kickass user interface: NordVPN boasts one of the most user-friendly websites and client software of any VPN out there. It’s super easy to get everything set up and then it’s off to Reddit with NordVPN keeping everything quietly secure in the background.

Great customer service: Phenomenal customer service is what has kept NordVPN one of the world’s top-ranked VPN services since it’s launch. NordVPN offers a 24/7 live chat to help with support, issues, or connection problems.

NordVPN has CyberSec: CyberSec is a built-in ad blocker that also shields users from malware and phishing attempts. This is especially helpful for when browsing Reddit. Because people often don’t know that they are clicking on a link that’s taking them to a malware-filled website. Plus, phishing attempts are getting smarter, and nothing is stopping cyber attackers from targeting people on one of the world’s most popular sites.

Get double the VPN: When one encryption is just not going to cut it, NordVPN makes sure their clients get military-grade protection with the Double VPN feature. This allows users to have their data encrypted twice by connecting to multiple VPN servers.

Some NordVPN reviews on Reddit

Don’t just take all of this info at face value. Here’s what some redditors had to say about NordVPN.

@cornpeeker on Reddit: “Nord is great. No issues here. Decent speeds for torrenting (it’ll never be lightning fast when you use a 3rd party). They have US servers located near major cities to help with speeds too. $80 for two years.”

@importanterthanyou on Reddit: “As a newbie to the whole VPN world, NordVPN was the first one I tried and I gotta say, I’m very satisfied. When I first bought it, it didn’t work (I don’t remember why) and the live customer support was pretty good at solving the issue for both Windows 10 and my iPhone 6.”

@Sweksen on Reddit: “I think it’s one of the more secure and private ones out there, among a few others too.”

@virgilnro on Reddit: “I’ve subscribed last week, for a test drive. So far, no complains at all. Service is nice, fast, great security (speed might be affected in some cases because of the double VPN or Tor over VPN service, if you choose those servers). On OS X the app is fluid, fast connecting times.”

How to set up NordVPN – make use of the NordVPN free trial

It’s really easy to get started on NordVPN. Someone that’s still a bit wary of signing up for the service could make use of the NordVPN free trial to start with. The NordVPN trial lasts for 7 days, after which a monthly fee will be deducted.

The subscriptions currently on offer by NordVPN are:

  • A 1-month plan at $11.95 per month
  • A 1-year plan at $6.99 per month
  • A 2-year plan at $3.99 per month
  • A 3-year plan at $2.99 per month

Also, make sure to look out for NordVPN coupons on Reddit for even better deals.

After signing up and subscribing to a paid plan, it’s time to download and install the client software. NordVPN offers client software for a range of devices, including Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Linux, Android TV, and the NordVPN Chrome extension.

NordVPN offers a detailed step by step process for installing and using each platform’s client software. So make sure to follow the installation guide and user manuals available on the website to use the VPN correctly.

Next, it’s time to connect to one of the NordVPN servers and start browsing safely and anonymously.

What to do when NordVPN has connection problems

Sometimes, NordVPN can’t connect to the internet or NordVPN is connected but there is no internet. Each individual case may be different, so it’s often a good idea to contact the NordVPN support team for further assistance. They are there and ready to help at any hour of the day.

Anyone who is having connection problems could also take a look at Downdetector to see if any other people are having the same issues as well.

Now set forth and conquer the face of the internet by using Reddit with NordVPN for safe and secure browsing.


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